Michael K. Myers
Graduate Gemologist, G.I.A.
Certified Gemologist Appraiser, A.G.S.
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Mid-Ohio Gem Lab

Michael K. Myers, G.G., G.I.A., C.G.A., A.G.S.

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State of the art Equipment, Education, Ethics, and Experience is what you get at Mid-Ohio Gem Lab. Don't be fooled by those fast food jewelers without the training, credentials, or equipment to perform the professional service your insurer is entitled to. 
There is no reason to insure your items for what I call a "blue-sky appraisal".  If you paid $5000 and the seller gives you their "appraisal" for $10,000 because you bought it on sale, you knew the manager, or the auction house had some huge reserve on it. It serves no purpose except you will pay a higher premium. And guess what? The insurance company will only pay what it costs to replace, not the highest amount. An accurate detailed description is necessary to replace your item. 
The value of a properly prepared appraisal is there is an adequate description that you can replace with what the insurer calls like kind, quality, and similar utility. No, you cannot replace the sentimental value of Grandma's ring, but you can at least replace it with something of like value if something would happen to it. No, those are not your original wedding rings if lost or stolen, but you would have a replacement to wear and enjoy for years to come. The cost of the additional insurance at least comes with peace of mind if something happens you would have a replacement.