Michael K. Myers
Graduate Gemologist, G.I.A.
Certified Gemologist Appraiser, A.G.S.
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Years in business 

Accredited Gem Lab

​Jewelry and gemology experience over 30 years
O.S.U.  B.S. 1974 / G.I.A. G.G. 1990 /A.G.S. CGA. 2001/ I.C.G.A. 2017
American Gem Society Accredited Gem Laboratory
Graduate Gemologist, G.I.A., Certified Gemologist Appraiser, A.G.S.

Meet Michael
Experience in the jewelry industry from store manager to entrepreneur...

I began my jewelry career at age 16 as stock boy in a local family jewelry store, where I later became the store manager. I launched my own business as a professional appraiser that quickly grew to a successful family owned retail jewelry store where I was joined by a master goldsmith. We happily co-owned our business for nearly 20 years. 
  1. Managing Director

Graduate Gemologist

A Graduate Gemologist is a title earned from the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A) . A gemologist is trained to grade diamonds, identify and evaluate colored gemstones and pearls. 

Certified Gemologist Appraiser

A Certified Gemologist Appraiser is a title earned from the American Gem Society (A.G.S). This is a specialized title to further one's evaluation, identification, and grading training. This title must be re-certified every year with continuing education and testing. 

Jewelry Insurance

Appraisals are used by your insurance provider in order to add coverage to your homeowners for specific items. Most homeowners policies will provide certain limits of jewelry coverage, but usually only for theft. In order to provide what is called all perils coverage, most companies require a written document in order to obtain coverage. This normally includes loss of stone, chipping stone, mysterious disappearance, and other perils not covered under the standard homeowners. The industry recommends your documents be no older than three to five years. Consult with your agent for details on your coverage and costs to attach a rider for your important pieces of jewelry. 
Services provided include:   
  • Insurance documents starting at $75.00 for the first item and $50.00 for each                                             additional item                                     
  • While you wait services start at $150.00 per hour with a one hour minium and                                             three item limit.   
  • Estate evaluations with fair market values as prescribed in I.R.S. regulations.
  • More than five items will be estimated on a per hour basis.
  • Work performed in house, unless otherwise necessary. 

Appointment Only
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